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Viva Mexico!! Part II by Ginger Johnson

Ginger JohnsonIf you read last week, you know I was happily ensconced in Mexican Culture. I’m very pleased to report the trip was a smashing success! 

To recap:

Some of my fine beer industry colleagues, specifically Rodolfo and crew, invited me to present at the Congreso Cerveza Mexico/Mexican Brewing Congress. Jose invited me to be a beer judge, which is a LOT harder than most can comprehend! On Wednesday I presented a session to a burgeoning and very dedicated and focused beer professional audience on women and beer.

Ginger JohnsonOur hosts treated us like beloved royalty – and everyone we met was unfailingly helpful, gracious and fun. The food – oh my! Just one highlight was eating and sipping en masse with my cohorts and hosts. Heck, they’re all friends now.

As an educator, this opportunity is a world class one on a few levels:

1. Fresh perspectives, like fresh drink and food, really enlighten. Seek these opportunities out where and when you can. Guaranteed to help progressify!

Photo:  Ginger Johnson

Photo: Ginger Johnson

2. The experiences and all learned info is good info I can share forward.

3. As someone with a zest for life, it’s an enormous joy to get to work in various locations, with a wide variety of people – all of whom are eager to collaborate, share and enjoy.

4. Mexico City is remarkable. I ran with a colleague early one morning, part of which was around a park that was an ancient racetrack. My hope it to return in successive years to be of value and explore this incredible city a lot more.

The Mexican Culture has much to offer. I encourage you to travel as often as you can – no matter where you want to go, meet lots of people, and keep stretching your mind further.

Oh – and the beers we tasted were muy delicioso! Yes, I’ll have another.

Till the next glass, Salud ~


Try This: Did you find a Mexican beer at a local package store or grocer? If you didn’t your homework’s still in place!

Go Here: Dig around online for Mexican Beers…or Canadian Beers…or whatever culture and area of the world you’re curious about. Beer is made the world over so you’re sure to find out some fun and interesting new info. Sipping a fresh beer while investigating will make the process all the more enjoyable.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at or

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