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Viva Mexico!! by Ginger Johnson

Ginger JohnsonAs you read this I’ll most likely either still be in Mexico City or flying back from Mexico City. It’s a great pleasure and testimony to what Women Enjoying Beer does to be invited to present at the Congreso Cerveza Mexico/Mexican Brewing Congress this year. Wow!! 

With a nod to our fine neighbors, I want to focus on how much I love love love love love Mexican food. The freshness of the food and ingredients is second only to their hospitality – both delicious propositions. And the beer? Well, as a beer diplomat and proponent of all kinds of flavors, I’m super excited to be treating my taste buds to fresh Mexican beer as well. Cerveza fina, indeed!

I’ll be sure to share some flavor combinations that my fine hosts treated me to and offer up a few new ideas based on those experiences. Sadly I’ll miss a brewery opening celebration that they’ve invited me too – dang! My hope is that the presentation I give on women and beer will be well received, judging skills valued and overall I can be an enhancement to the week. It’s truly an honor to be invited to participate in this national level conference.

Ninkasi "The Lady Who Fills the Mouth"It’s also worth noting that I’ve been invited to be a beer judge, something that I have a small amount of experience with – so that’ll be interesting and a great exercise in consensus and professional examination of the beverage of Ninkasi (Sumerian Fermentation Goddess).

Stay tuned and if you have ideas for me on your go-to Mexican beer and food combinations, let me know. Reach me anytime at It’s a pleasure to be part of Your Home – let me help you celebrate!

Cheers till the next glass & Salud –


Try This: Find a new Mexican recipe and make it at home or order something totally new off a menu at a go-to Mexican restaurant or food truck. Order or buy a new kind of Mexican beer. Put them together and enjoy!

Events: Mexican Brewing Congress/Congreso Cerveza Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, 9/2 – 7/13

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at or

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  1. I’m with you on Mexican food and I love a good Mexican beer to go with it. Cheers!

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