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Vine Buzz with Jack Chase; Sweet Talk, Pairing Wines with Dessert by Jack Chase

Vine Buzz with Jack Chase
Horse Heaven Hills Merlot

Horse Heaven Hills Merlot

When dining out, the server will always ask the infamous question, “Did we save any room for dessert”? My response is usually, “My dessert is in the glass”.  I know, how can I pass on dessert? So many options and so many wines to pair. Here are a few suggestions to help put you over the top with all the deliciousness that is available.

Let’s start with something simple, Chocolate. It is always a delight to pair wines and chocolate.  My suggestion is  to try and find a chocolate that is not sweeter than the wine you are pairing with, and dark chocolate is generally preferred.   It contains less sugar and it goes well with different wines.

Mayo “Ricci Vineyard” Russian River Valley, Old Vine, Zinfandel

Mayo “Ricci Vineyard” Russian River Valley, Old Vine, Zinfandel

Suggested Pairings

Think about pairing your chocolate with a Merlot or Zinfandel.  For Merlot, you can’t go wrong with the Horse Heaven Hills Merlot from the Columbia Valley.  An earthy wine with hints of berry and if you really focus, chocolate in the flavor.  For a Zinfandel, seek out the Mayo “Ricci Vineyard” Russian River Valley, Old Vine from Sonoma.  This wine has raspberry in the flavor with a great jammy finish.

Aria Estate Brut

Aria Estate Brut

Maybe you prefer pairing with a dessert that is a little lighter? Perhaps a fruit tart. Consider a Moscato D’Asti from Italy. A sweeter wine done in a “Frizzante” style. Yes, tiny bubbles.  If your palate is not ready for sweet, possibly consider the Segura Viudas “Aria” Brut. A Cava from Spain with hints of pear, pineapple and honey.

Of course we can’t forget finishing up with a Tawny Port.   Port can be dessert in a glass on it’s own but if that is not enough, think about ordering a simple cheesecake or crème brulee.  Again, taking care to ensure that the dessert is not sweeter than the Port.

Tawny Port

Tawny Port

These wines can be versatile and quite enjoyable to pair. I certainly hope I have inspired you to try new wines and enjoy all the wonderful pairings that we have yet to try.

Cheers until next time!!!   or find me on Facebook at Wine Tasting Washington

Edited by:  Karie Engels


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