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The Year of Beer by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson
Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson

The Year Of Beer

Thanks to all of you for reading Your Home beer posts. Thanks to all who share them forward. And thanks, in advance, for continuing to read and spread forward in 2014.

2014?! Where the heck did that year come from….no matter. There’s more delicious beer than ever ahead. Let me give you a few tips on expanding your beer world for the New Year.

1. Taste, taste, taste. And then taste some more. Experimenting will be the best, most fun, and most sharable way to really open those horizons. It’s a big beer world out there. Get tasting!

2. Read, read, read. Whether it’s online, hard copy books and magazines, mobile devices, whatever. Reading is putting your brain to work to the end benefit of your tastebuds. I love the quote “Readers are leaders” and think it’s true because readers are ever changing their intelligence capabilities.

3. Share, share, share. Sharing is caring. Okay, so the saying, while slightly corny, is true. When you share, you not only increase your knowledge by the number of people you directly shared with, you exponentially increase the opportunity to skyrocket your knowledge, by bantering with others.

4. Ask, ask, ask. Being curious is one of the best tools anywhere for increasing diplomacy, understanding, compassion, and progress. Be an enthusiast, never a snob. Enthusiasts ask, usually with a smile on their earnest faces, to learn more about the world around them.

It’s time to take the same old and break the mold. Shatter your assumptions and challenge your own status quo to start. Be sure to share your adventures with me. The email box is always open:

Cheers til the next glass ~

Experimenting will be the best, most fun, and most sharable way to really open those horizons. It’s a big beer world out there. Get tasting!


Go Here: Seek out tastings at taprooms, festivals, and retailers. It’s an excellent way to expand in a very supportive and knowledgeable atmosphere. Oh – and you’re bound to meet more people too. If you’re single in search of, well, it’s also a great way to find common ground to start a relationship.

Try This: Bring your own durable cup or glass to a tasting. I always pack durable dishes to potlucks because so many * still * sadly use one use goods – that won’t cut it, and never has for me. Step up the green factor to your beer enjoyment.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at or

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