The lighter side of eating

I post many decadent desserts and cuisine that have fat and salt content that shoot through the roof.  It would be extremely irresponsible of me to let everyone assume that this is how our family eats on a daily basis while preserving our health and managing our weight.

The simple fact is that we eat very healthy and save our special cuisine for special occasions or dinner parties with great friends.  My Outdoorsman has had two heart attacks by the tender age of 45, so in light of the fact that we all want to keep him very much alive, our daily eating habits are healthier than they were in the past.

How do we do this without sacrificing flavor?  We research and work hard at creating other flavors in our meals besides that which a high fat and sodium content can bring to the table.   In the beginning it was extremely difficult to nix salt, however after attending nutrition classes and speaking with my guy’s cardiologist I found it was not only very possible but very necessary as well.

As you are reading this, I don’t want you to think we are subsisting on only rabbit food and other leafy vegetables.  We eat very well, as we have substituted salt with herbs and other spices.  We have completely ruled out the use of vegetable oil and use only olive oils and very sparingly at that.  My guy is an avid hunter so we eat quite a bit of wild game and when we do eat store bought meats, we trim the fat and make sure our meats are fresh and not processed.

We do smoke our own meats and it is difficult to keep salt content down when employing this method of cooking.  My guy loves to fire up that Bradley Smoker and when he does, he eats very small portions and covers his plate mostly in vegetables or whole grain pastas.

Do we eat decadent desserts and incredible foods ~ even those with salt?  Yes, we do.  We eat them in moderation, not as an every day staple to our diet.  Am I guilty of really getting a feast going for my sweet three and I when my guy is on a hunting or fishing trip?  Yes, I am.  I do not see any reason to tempt him beyond his limits when he is here at home and really it all balances out well.  He is at this time training for the Warrior Dash in the summer and as I want to support him as much as possible in this endeavor, we are hitting the gym a minimum of 4 days a week, combine that with our healthy cuisine and we are feeling better than we ever have.

I have decided that to balance out the foods that I am endlessly posting I will include in the blog and articles a “Lighter side of eating” with recipes that have been modified for light or no fat and salt content.  I am encouraging you to submit recipes and tips and tricks of your own so that we can share our findings with those that would like to learn to tweak their diet even if it is only once or twice a week.

While I still love my rich, chocolate desserts, I just don’t indulge every day.

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  1. This one, girl, was great as a reminder…none of us wants our stay in this plane to be any shorter than it has to be…there’s too much wine aging that will need tasting in 25-30 years…and we do all tend to eat healthy, but post all the rich things…glad you pointed this out…SMALL PLATES of the “naughty” stuff make live worth living, but if we ate “Man-sized” meals of only rich foods….well, like I said, there’s wine I want to be around to watch my friends drink while I cook…

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