Spring into Beer Muffins

Author:  Ginger Johnson

Tasty First Day of Spring wishes dear readers!

In honor of the day I made a household favorite for breakfast – muffins. Specifically squash muffins. By freezing chunks of baked squash from last years crop, I have it readily available for all sorts of cooking escapades.

Lovely Squash Muffins

Lovely Squash Muffins

The best part? Using beer as an ingredient in muffins provides flavor, sometimes color and most certainly nutrition. Since March is also National Nutrition Month, what better way to boost the flavor and healthy value in your muffins than to use beer. For instance, did you know beer contains Vitamin K, Vitamin B and antioxidants? Yes! Flavor, value AND nutrition. What a lovely beverage ~

The go to recipe this morning for me was from my well-loved and used Williams Sonoma Muffin cook book. I love that they’re easy to navigate, simple, have helpful and beautiful pictures, and offer a good deal of education as a complement to the tasty recipes.

The batch I made this morning was their Cinnamon-Crunch Sweet Potato Muffin. As an enthusiastic and creative cook, I like to modify recipes. To use beer in this one, switch out the milk with a maltier beer like a doppelbock, brown, or pumpkin beer. Beers with a low hop profile (read: no identifiable bitterness) will best serve you and your tastebuds here.

I also used a squash instead of sweet potatoes – thereby making the actual vegetable content a matter of what you have available and what you prefer. The squash I used was frozen after baking so it did not need the hydration step as per the formal recipe. If you do need to boil potatoes or squash for this, consider doing so in an aforementioned beer. It’ll add some deeper flavors to the end product.

One final note: Muffins make an excellent lunch choice as well as a delightful and unexpected dessert – especially when served with a matching beer.

Cheers til the next pint –


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