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Splendid Gift Baskets, Secret Ingredient: Beer! By Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer

Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer

“Oh Crap!!” 

How many times have you been wondering or even scrambling last minute to muster up or buy a gift for a host as you’re just on your way out the door? Hmmm?

Well, if you’ve found yourself in that position, it’s a great season to think ahead and prepare yourself to be caught at the ready. Here’s a plan to help you be a great guest this holiday giving season.

1. Gifts for the host/s are always in order. They’re a show of appreciation, given with no strings and should fit the occasion and recipient.

Give the Gift of Flavor

Give the Gift of Flavor

2. Stock up on simple containers, a variety is a good idea. I like to shop locally at my thrift stores, as you can find very good merchandise, sometimes new, to use for gift containers. Baskets, crates, gift-wrap, ribbon, and an ever-changing assortment of opportunity awaits!

3. Once you have these goodies all set aside in one location, go to the local beer store. Talk with a competent person about helping you choose a wide array of flavors and sizes, price points and brands. There are myriad tastes to be had in cans and bottles for your hosts.

4. Keep the beer refrigerated and then tap into it when you are headed out. Even keeping it moderately cool (basement or garage for example) and dry, out of the sun and UV rays, will help you ensure fresh beer is well managed.

With these gift ingredients handy, you’re sure to be invited back and an appreciated guest! Every host likes a gift. Beer is economical and delicious.

BasketNeed more ideas? Get a few great beer and beer + food books for folks. I’d recommend:

  1. Beervangelists Guide to the Galaxy, Fred Bueltmann, The Beervangelist
  2. The American Craft Beer & Food Cookbook, John Holl
  3. The Best of American Beer & Food, Lucy Saunders
  4. Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer, Maureen Ogle (great read, not a cooking book).
  5. Allagash: The Cookbook

Let’s go with “Oh, Joy!” instead.

Cheers to being a good guest, cheers to gracious hosts, and a tasty holiday to all!

Til the next glass ~


Go Here: Your local stores that reputably have fresh beer: read – it’s been kept cool and protected from direct UV (sunlight and fluorescent). You patronize the brewers and the retailers (as well as the hard working Distributors) and can feel great about giving a gift that people don’t have to keep on a shelf, collecting dust.

Try This: Add glassware to the gift o’beer. High quality glassware will serve the recipient for years, with all sorts of beverages. I suggest brands such as Rastal and Spiegelau.

Gifts for the host/s are always in order. They’re a show of appreciation, given with no strings and should fit the occasion and recipient.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at or

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