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Bend Brew Fest / Ginger and Gina
Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson

“We’ve shifted the paradigm.” – Gary Fish, Founder, Deschutes Brewing

Gary made this statement in his remarks as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Brewers Association at the recently commenced Craft Brewers Conference. He’s referencing the fact that the burgeoning small and “craft” beer businesses are creating change, thereby shifting the previous model of what beer is in America.

His entire opening was well worded, succinct and simple. I like listening to Gary and what he has to contribute to the beer community. And it applies to the world at large.

Gary has built Deschutes into a quality focused, smart and savvy beer company. A “brand” some would say (and they’d be right). And it goes way beyond beer.

Every person I’ve ever encountered affiliated with Deschutes is driven forward to ensure what’s best for the beer happens. One of the first Deschutes folks I came to know is Gina Schauland. Gina’s story of how she came to be with Deschutes itself exhibits determination, persistence, and focus. These are precisely the qualities that make companies great and valuable in our communities.

In the times I’ve worked with Deschutes, it’s been enlightening, invigorating, thought provoking and fun. Of course that makes sense – people plugged into what they’re doing are going to have these qualities when it comes to their work.

Deschutes is also recognized for their contributions outside of the company to the community at large. Water, sustainability and other facets of life that aren’t simply causes that look good to support. They’re living the giving.

Bend Brew Fest / Ginger and Gina

Bend Brew Fest / Ginger and Gina

I encourage you to consider the companies, brands and organizations you support. Ask, dig, search and then decide, “Is this a brand I can stand for?” To me Deschutes is one of those companies. Started by one dedicated individual, never willing to sacrifice quality and ethics for a product they loved and wanted to share with all of us.

Till the next glass ~


Go Here: Bend, Oregon is home to several breweries including Deschutes. Plan a trip and enjoy all this fin high dessert Mountain town has to offer.


Try This: Buy several cans and bottles of a specific brand of beer. Host a tasting of them side by side and talk about what you smell, see, taste and experience. Inviting friends to join you will greatly increase and improve the lively and educational discussion to be had.




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