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Raspberry Delights and a Boozy Sorbet

Traditionally raspberries were a mid-summer fruit, but with today’s growing technology they are attainable all year round.  So whipping up tasty summer-like treats during all four seasons simply takes a trip to your local farmers’ market when they are in season and a trip to your local grocer when they are not.

Pie Crazy-Red Raspberry Pie Filling

Pie Crazy-Red Raspberry Pie Filling

Pie Crazy-Red Raspberry Pie Filling by The Joy of Caking.  I am a baking fanatic and when holidays roll around, I fill the dessert table.  When hot weather hits, and 4th of July Celebrations are in full swing, pies fill my oven.

This recipe creates a gorgeous pie filling, the ingredients are basic so if you are looking to add a flavor of your choice, there is room to do so.  Shopping list; Corn starch, all-purpose flour, salt, granulated sugar, frozen or fresh raspberries and butter or margarine.  Full recipe and method

Raspberry Sauce

Raspberry Sauce

Raspberry Sauce by Home Cooking in Montana.  Cold vanilla ice cream and warm raspberry sauce are a delectable combination for a warm summer evening. It is a fav of mine and a small outdoor fire while the grill is cooling is a great way to relax and enjoy dessert.  Like the above recipe, this is basic and leaves a bit of wiggle room for the addition of flavors you adore.  Shopping list; Raspberries, sugar and lemon juice.  Full recipe and method

Raspberry Cabernet Sorbet

Raspberry Cabernet Sorbet

Raspberry Cabernet Sorbet by Cheese Please.  Any dessert with a bit of booze is a welcome addition to the after dinner menu.  Your guests will adore such a delightful frozen treat and this is simple and quick to whip up.  Sit down with your guests and enjoy! Shopping list;  Raspberries, non-fat plain yogurt, sugar and cabernet sauvignon.  Full recipe and method.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my recipe on your beautiful blog.

  2. I’m honored that you featured my raspberry sauce. It’s a favorite of mine:)…makes use of simple ingredients and the result is amazing. SO glad you liked it!

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