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A community lifestyle magazine, created just for us.

Our inaugural September issue focuses on All Hallow’s Eve. Myths and legends, tales and lore. You will also find:

  • The best autumn and Halloween decor, indoors and out
  • Decorate your front porch
  • Recipes for the best Halloween party ever
  • Honor your ancestors by setting a place at the table
  • Be the envy of every witch and wizard this All Hallow’s Eve for being ‘best dressed’ of the season.
  • Travel ideas

Every Month Sisters in Craft Magazine is filled with:

Real-life ghost encounters
Magickal tips and tricks
Herbs and Essential Oils
Myths and Legends
Wicked Humor
Witch Lore
Seasonal Practices
The Witches Garden

Our monthly issue is filled with everything we love.

Questions? Comments? Please email:

It’s $22.95 for 12 printed issues, one full year. 
To make payment by phone, please email:

About Karie Giffin (737 Articles)
Sisters in Craft Magazine is a community lifestyle magazine for Witches.

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  4. Our print turnaround was longer than expected, as soon as we have the copies in our hands and we are on a regular and acceptable printing schedule, we will make the magazine subscription available for purchase once more.

  5. Yes. Our sizing issues have been resolved and we are ready to reprint and we should have them in two weeks to mail out. We are issuing refunds to our subscribers, and if they wish to re-subscribe with us, they have that option.

  6. I had taken the publication off the list to subscribe until we had it fixed, now that we do, it’s back online and will be available next week, for viewing digitally by our subscribers while they wait for the hard copy to arrive in the mail.

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  8. We are still processing. There are quite a few. 🖤 can we send you a date book with your magazine as an apology for our late issue and late refund? Thank you for your patience. We are about 3/4 of the way through.

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