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Welcome to the Sisters in Craft Black Hat Social Club. 
Fellowship is an important part of who we are and we are creating chapters all over the world. Meet and greet in person and socialize with Sisters in Craft members in your area. Bring your favorite recipe and beverage, socialize with new friends and most importantly, be yourself and “wear your witchiness”. 

Included in your membership fee

Upon joining, each member will receive Llewellyn’s 2019 Witch’s Date Book and a new copy every year you are a member.

Each month District Black Hat Social Directors will receive a box filled with witchy goodies and pass them out to members at black hat socials. Each box will be seasonal and filled with items for your use.

Example: Candles, witches mug, crystals, essential oils, seed packets for your witches garden with planting instructions, magical books, etc.

Please, join us! 

Or to pay over phone using your credit or debit card, please email

Monthly Payment Plans are available: Please email for details.

We are looking for District Social Directors: If you would like information about opening an area and becoming a social director, please follow this link and fill out the form at the bottom.

Offsite Members: Do you still wish to be a member and receive the date book, monthly gift box and witchy literature but don’t have time for monthly socials and meet and greets? Or perhaps there isn’t an open chapter in your area yet.
Use coupon code OFFSITE for a $10 savings | an annual fee of $55. If you decide to join a chapter at a later date, just send us an email. For off-site family membership, please send an email query.

We do not wish for anyone to be excluded because of finances. Please email to set up a 3 or 6 month payment plan.

Family Membership:  Annual membership for 1 at $65 and $20 per each additional household member, up to 4 additional members.   Any members over qty 5, will begin with the single price of $65 and then $20 per additional household member. Example:

1 member $65 | 4 additional household members at $20 each.
the 6th member $65 | up to 4 addtional household members at $20 each. 

Coupon Codes:
2 people   use coupon code:  family2
3 people   use coupon code:  family3 
4 people   use coupon code:  family4  
5 people   use coupon code:  family5
Off-site Member   use copoun code:  Offsite

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  1. Yes, Chloe! We have just had a chapter open Tucson!

  2. can assist with this. Let’s open it up!

  3. can assist with this and opening a chapter! Blessings.

  4. Greetings Morgan,
    We have had queries for Texas, I can add you to the waiting list, or if you would like information about opening a chapter please email

  5. Greetings Celeste,
    I can’t locate your email. Our email here is

  6. We will send you information regarding starting a chapter. I chatted with you this morning already via email and have sent you an invoice for the monthly payment plan.

  7. Greetings Meleesa. We have a chapter in Kettering, about an hour from you.

  8. Yes :) The LA area.

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