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Life’s Adventures by Jacob Harrington

Spooner Farms Photo: Jacob Harrington
Spooner Farms Photo:  Jacob Harrington

Spooner Farms
Photo: Jacob Harrington

It’s strange to think that sometimes life just falls together like a puzzle. No more than two weeks ago I was an unemployed 19 year old man looking for work in the food industry. I love food, so naturally, when I was asked to intern for Your Home with Karie Engels, I jumped at the opportunity. Since that time I have begun to learn the ropes. I am now co-administering several Facebook pages, a blog, and an account on Twitter. One of my favorite experiences so far is observing how intertwined social media truly is. The World Wide Web is literally just that; A web of interlacing ideas. It’s neat to see how quickly one post can influence thousands of people. It’s even more enticing to realize I have the tools to be the inspiration behind other peoples’ opinions.

Spooner Farms Photo:  Jacob Harrington

Spooner Farms
Photo: Jacob Harrington

Along with being taught about promotion through media, I got a chance to try my hand at photography. In pursuit of this endeavor, I found myself at two local pumpkin patches in the Orting Valley; Spooner’s Farm and Scholz’s Farm. Although I have lived in the valley for seven years previously I had never visited either place. I found myself in awe of the variety of produce right outside my front door. Although I loved the color of produce, from the delicious red of an apple to the spicy orange of pumpkins and even the delicate green of an ear of corn, I seemed to find myself drawn to the atmosphere. Both establishments were in preparation for the oncoming season of festivities. I really like animals too. I quickly made friends with a mischievous cat, a silly goat, and an extremely vain pony.

Photo:  Jacob Harrington

Photo: Jacob Harrington

After the adventurous photo shoot, I looked at several of the pictures I took and realized they weren’t too bad. After some editing they were ready to go.

My experience this far has been nothing less than fantastic. All skepticism I had at the beginning has been whisked away and replaced by excitement and determination to succeed in this crazy little game we sometimes call life. I’m especially excited to see where my future takes me while working for Your Home with Karie Engels.

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  1. are you karie Engels part of the ancestry from south dakota// do have kin in watertown
    south dakota

  2. Hi Jacob…
    I just want to tell you wonderfully you shared your experiences at the farms… you gave the readers of being along your side…
    Keep up the great job!
    a fellow blogger,
    Jean Smith

  3. Welcome Jacob you will learn alot with Karie.

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