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Less Labor, More Fun by Ginger Johnson

Ginger JohnsonEasy can be great when it’s also easy on the environment, your wallet, and planning. So let’s look at how easy and tasty beer can be for your Labor Day plans!

1. Grilling with Beerinades. I’ve covered them before, and I’ll share the idea again. Beerinades – wherein you use beer as a main flavorful liquid in which to soak your grilled goodies is an excellent and fun idea. Match the beer and food to fit the end desired flavors, like vegetables in porters and lambics and lamb in browns and ESB’s.

2. Beer and Food Pairing. One of the easiest ways to entertain successfully with beer is to host a beer and cheese party. Whether you provide everything or you ask guests to bring a component of the event, beer and cheese are excellent flavor mates! Mix and match, try a type of beer with various cheeses and vice versa. If you have fresh crusty bread and snappy grapes on hand, that’ll help cleanse the palate between tastings too.

Pubquest3. Delicious and Fresh. Did you know that 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery?! Beer is at it’s best fresh from the source. Consider heading to your local family friendly brewpub to treat the crew, meet friends for a meal, and leave the preparation to someone else. Here’s a terrific resource for finding a local brewpub.

4. Sustainable Holiday. Order a keg from a local brewery, brewpub, retailer or distributor (as your local and state laws apply). Prep simple foods family styles in advance, finger friendly is great, and keep the set up and clean up easy. All you need then is suitable glassware, dishes and napkins (steer clear from one-use anything) and serve up some fun!

Happy Holiday & Cheers till the next glass –


Try This: Order a keg of beer from a local provider. Some brewpubs and taprooms can sell them to you, check with retailers and beer distributors too – simply call well in advance (not the day of!!) to find out what you need to do, current pricing, and discuss equipment needs. Some rent the tapping equipment, some provide it, and all will need you to fill out necessary forms per the TTB (alcohol regulation body). Do this all well in advance of the holiday please!

Events: Stay home, go to the parties you’re invited to, and enjoy it all at a relaxed pace. Beer is supposed to be fun and something you savor, like the company of good friends and good times.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at or

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