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Larry Johnson and John Holl, Ginger and John Hall, Judith Pavlik Photography
Ginger Johnjson and John Holl,  Judith Pavlik Photography

Ginger Johnjson and John Holl, Judith Pavlik Photography

It’s always fun to see what colleagues, known and yet-to-meet, as up to in the publishing world. Just this week, for example, I looked into a whole bunch of twitter handles for writers whom I’d just read in a book of essays (Best Food Writing 2013). In doing so, I will likely expand my world and hear more opinions, ideas, and angles of life.

So today’s article takes that direction and compels me to share some go-to beer and food books. These are books I recommend you scan through, read, and possibly buy. The ones that fit with your ideas of what a book can mean to you in the kitchen and your life is what I aim to share.

Larry Johnson and John Holl, Judith Pavlik Photography

Larry Johnson and John Holl, Judith Pavlik Photography

I’m not a reviewer so I offer these to you on a personal “this is what is meaningful to me” level. Do as you wish, share them if you like them too. They’re listed in no particular order. Thanks.

1. Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer, Maureen Ogle. Maureen’s a historian with no investment in the beer world, which makes her a superb author in writing a book on a topic that can be emotional for some. She starts in the 1800’s and works forward, sharing the landscape, a few players and a whole host of insightful and incidental American herstory. It was her third book; her fourth, In Meat We Trust is available now too.

2. Beervangelist’s Guide To The Galaxy, Fred Bueltmann. Philosophy pervades this book by Fred, a seasoned beer professional and one of my well-known colleagues per beer and food together. His refreshing take on what we consume and the combination of New Holland Brewing, where Fred’s an owner, really speaks to me: “Stop & Taste.” We get so wrapped up in using words like local and organic we forget to enjoy food for foods sake.

3. Best of American Beer & Food, Lucy Saunders. I love Lucy for many reasons. One being that she’s a knowledgeable food person AND knowledgeable about beer AND has some quiet steady success to lend her cred. She’s a class act whom I always enjoy seeing in person (though not nearly enough!) and has just come out with another wan-to-get book, Dinner In The Garden. Her site has all her books so check it out.

4. The American Craft Beer Cookbook, John Holl. You’d think someone as worldly as John might smack of smug. No way. John’s book is a compendium collected at brewpubs all across the USA, replete with alternative choices if the brand profile isn’t available in your area. As the Editor of All About Beer, John’s out and about a good deal. This is his third book involving beer.

G IMG_0294There are more books dealing with food and beverage that I enjoy, reference and use, to be sure. Start here. Send me an email (or post a comment here) with a go-to book for you. The hunt for helpful resources never gets boring.

Til the next glass ~

Go Here: Walk the Stacks. Those wise words are from a long time friend and tell me to get out, go to a bookstore and scan what’s available. It’s a great source of inspiration and attitude refreshment.

Try This: Go to your local library. The cooking and food sections are usually well stocked with myriad choices. I like to check out books that I’ve never heard of as well as ones from tried and true sources.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at WomenEnjoyingBeer.com or Ginger@WomenEnjoyingBeer.com

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