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Franciacorta Shows Growth in 2013: Domestic Market Holds While Exports Increase by Double Digits


Last year was a big success for Franciacorta, with 2013 sales of the Italian sparkling wine growing slightly in the domestic market while achieving double-digit growth in exports over the preceding twelve months.

Bottle sales topped 14 million, of which some 1.3 million were purchased abroad, a spurt of +14.3% over 2012, for a total increase of 9% in bottles sold.

“The year 2013 was filled with intense activity for us,” said Consorzio Franciacorta President Maurizio Zanella. “We were simultaneously involved in initiatives on many different fronts, particularly abroad, to increase appreciation for Franciacorta. These results are certainly a fitting crown to our work, and inspire us to continue in the direction we have set for ourselves.” Zanella’s remarks were in response to the 2013 sales figures published in the statistical publicationOsservatorio Economico, established more than two years ago by the Consorzio Franciacorta to gather and certify sales information from Consorzio member producers.

“This growth in volume in is line with our projections,” continued Zanella.  “Taking into account the difficult economic times Italy is experiencing, we were able to hold the average bottle price in line with that in 2012. In 2014, we still have a good ways to go in establishing positive positions abroad, particularly in markets that are following us with solid interest, such as the USA, Japan, and Switzerland.”

Analysis of the data reveals that Franciacorta experienced a solid growth in bottles sold in southern Italy, even though northern Italy retains the lead in sales. Internationally, the primary market for Franciacorta remains Japan, followed by the USA, Germany, and Switzerland. The UK also turned in impressive results, and promotion and market development programs launched there in 2013 will continue in 2014.

Data and content provided by Franciacorta Wines.

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