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Culinary Spotlight; A Simple Creation by Patricia Lindsay

Bruschetta by Patricia
Bruschetta by Patricia

Bruschetta by Patricia

The story of Bruschetta  By Patricia started years ago making this as a simple topping for bread.  Last year I created a recipe that was unique and altogether unusual as a bruschetta.   I began by marinating the special tomatoes in a dazzling sauce of 18 year aged balsamic.  A secondary compliment  was added for flavor, along with a handpicked, unique evoo.  I tossed in a bit of garlic and basil and the canning process began.  The end result is a tantalizing, vibrant flavor of its own, that I think of as a fine wine that has taken on an infusion of flavor as it marinades in its own world.

I started cooking when I was 4 and have had the passion to continue in the culinary world ever since.  Having spent many years working on the farm and canning,  I know the importance of choosing and utilizing fresh, quality ingredients.  My joy is to take those simple ingredients and formulate a beautiful creation that can be enjoyed my many around the world.
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Editors Note:  A Simple Creation was written by Patricia Lindsay and edited by Karie Engels
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