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Black(berry) Fingernails and Fresh Beer by Ginger Johnson

Ginger JohnsonWho else has berry-picking hands right now? You know, the ones you look at and see the stained outline between fingers and nail?

Proudly, mine are them. As a life long canner and preserver, I love to take advantage of local ripe fruit I can pick myself from public lands. So picking we’ve been! My Fine Husband who enjoys the true fruit of the bounty gamely joins me to pick, pick, pick and then pick a few more. While I find it almost Zen like, for reasonable periods of time, it’s more of a labor of love for him. He loves the end result so puts forth the labor to do so.

Blackberry BushAny time of year is a good time to look around us and see what’s readily available, in quantities to harvest in areas that allow as much. As far as I’m concerned too, fresh FREE produce is a deal maker! Throughout my life I’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of picking berries, cucumbers, beans…you name it. A fantasy trip for me would be to accompany a produce specialist to identify, examine, pick, taste, cook and repeat the delicious cycle.

Beer is much the same way. There are seasonals, sometimes called specialties, in the beer world. Seasonals to me indicate that there is an actual season for them, like late September is Oktoberfest, rooted in actual herstory (here’s the scoop).

Specialties to me can mean they’re special to the regular line up and can occur when it fits the brewing schedule, brewer, and available ingredients.

Either way, they’re unique beers, sometimes available one time only never to be replicated. Sometimes they’re beers that come and go with the turning of our Earth and what we call seasons. And either way, they’re fun to try and exbeeriment with so I’d encourage you to do so.

Tasting beer and food is such a low commitment and high potential Return On Tastebuds. “ROT” anyone?! Pour me some and dish it up ~ Dig in!

Till the next glass –


Fish TaleTry This: Fresh blackberries with sliced ripe mango, strawberries and chopped mint, tossed with a healthy splash of Fish Tale Blonde Ale or Spire Pear Cider, both made in Olympia WA.

Events: Support your local fest – wherever it may be! WEB will be at the 2nd annual Vancouver Brew Fest, running Friday through Sunday this weekend. Ginger will be on stage a few times giving fun beer Edutainment – full fest details here.


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