Beer & Turkey: A Whole New World Of Flavors by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer

Ginger JohnsonIf you picked up on the pun, then it’s time to treat yourself to a beer! Better yet, when we meet, I’ll buy the first one.

It’s been a long-standing tradition with many to have wine at the Thanksgiving table. Great, I say. Better yet, serve beer as a choice this year (if you don’t already). The myriad choices of flavors can partner better than many wines – especially if you’re looking for an overall best bet.

Try beer this year. Smooth, inviting, fresh, and delicious. Beer makes food pairing easy. It’s an ideal and quintessential partner all through the holidays. Some foods, frankly, are extremely difficult when it comes to bouncing the primary factor in wine (acidity). Anything high acid can be a trick and make more of a pucker than a smucker.

Here are a few suggestions of beer styles to match with foods at your table this holiday.

1.  Turkey has never been happier than to be paired with well-balanced Brown ale. Solid Reds and Ambers can be great choices well. Their malty profile provides an excellent match with the roasted meat, dark and light.

2. Barley wines will be delicious partners with candied and baked yams and cranberry sauces. The higher alcohol content of barley wines will give plenty of deep molasses like character to match the sugars in these dishes.

3. Gravy is uber groovy with the addition of a deep porter in the making. Substitute some of the beer for water or milk. Letting the beer warm to room temp is better than using it cold, as it could over-carbonate when you add it (cold) to the hot pan.

4. Belgians can’t wait to join your taste buds in celebrating apple and pear pies. Pumpkin, you say? Yes – of course! Find a semi dry pumpkin beer, if you can, to pour with your slice.

5. And you can whip in a few teaspoons of a flavor of beer you like in the cream that graces sumptuous pie and other meal goodies. Go light though – the alcohol cuts the fat of the cream. Start with small amounts and add as it works.

Set your table and taste buds for success with beer in your cooking and in your glasses. Everyone will thank you for including this all American beverage. And that, my friends, is something we can all gobble up!

Til the next glass ~


Try This: Leftovers will be thrilled to join a post T-day sandwich meal. Choosing a beer style that’s flexible and goes with many things, like those Browns and Reds can be a good match.

Go Here: Do you have a reputable beer retailer that keeps their beer cold from the time it arrives to the time you take it home? It’s best and most respected this way. If you do, then ask the crew at those establishment for a favored beer and food pairing during Thanksgiving. Call Burc at The Beer Authority for suggestions – and tell him I sent you!





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