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Beer Beginnings for Celebrating Home

Ginger Johnson

Author:  Ginger Johnson

When you think about beer, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A previous experience? A good or not so hot memory? A favorite remembrance?

Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer

Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer

It’s an honor to be part of Celebrating Home with Karie Engels for me. The world seems sometimes short on class, tact, and ideas to live enjoyably. Her invite to join the ‘family’ online brings us all one-step closer to learning how beer is part of the fabric of our country, societies across the globe, and that flavor is where the conversation needs to begin.

Today, for my inaugural post I simply want to share a bit about me, why I’m here and what I intend to offer.

Me: Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) was born from looking around and wondering, “Why aren’t more women enjoying beer?” The relentless and fascinating pursuit has driven me forward for the last 4+ years in search of responses and insight. Suffice it to say, I’ve volumes of voluntary and very personal and useful qualitative information, provided to me by engaged women all over the US of A. We study women and their relationship with beer, provide professional consulting services to the beer business community, and deliver education to female and male consumers all over the country.

Why: Because no one else is doing it. More than that, it’s a conversation that will and is helping improve the world. I started it with a fuzzy idea that there was ‘something to this’ and now have a much clearer vision of what WEB is doing. Our goal is to shift culture. We’re doing that with education for all, education for specific populations, and advising and guiding those who have influence to recognize the global majority population AND respectfully and successfully address the female consumer.

Offerings: Education, edutainment, workshops, training, advisement, marketing, presenting, speaking, and writing. The core of WEB is education. With what we do, one population (consumers) feeds the other (professionals) and round and round it goes. One needs the other and we’re the voice of the consumer to build many bridges to connect dots previously never connected.

Watch for enjoyable, approachable, engaging and fun beer education every week. We’ll cover beers of all styles and flavors, talk about beer and food together (yum!), cooking with beer, ingredients, glassware and a whole host of related beer topics. Requests are welcome and you can reach out to me anytime at

Thanks for being here. Thanks for Celebrating Home. Let’s celebrate beer together and to gather.

Until next pint – Cheers!



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  1. I can’t think of a better idea:D I happen to love beer.. but usually the new boutique beers that have a “kitcheny” flavor, with vanilla or molasses notes, for instance. I also love tiny glasses of beer. Not the big “fill yer beer belly” beer glasses:) xx

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