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A Delicious Combination; Apricots and Beer by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson of WEB Photo: Judy Pavlik
Ginger Johnson Photographer: Judy Pavlik

Ginger Johnson
Photographer: Judy Pavlik

Apricots + Beer = Delicious!

If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a beer that has been well made with apricots, you know that the flavors are succulent and yummy.

Fruit has just-about-forever been used in beer. Beer is made with agricultural products. So no matter where the beer maker is, they use the ingredients available to them. Fruit is one of those ingredients that are oft maligned when used in making beer, which is a shame to say the least. Fruit has so much to offer beer makers of all levels and abilities.

For most of herstory, brewing’s been hyper local, since it is best made with what’s truly sustainable and available. As the world began literally shipping a vast array of different products and goods, brewers just like cooks, became more adventurous.

Fast forward to today and suffice it to say: We’re lucky. Lucky to be living in an age where you can find almost everything you need to subsist in your own neighborhood, region, county and state. Lucky to be in an era that promotes fresh, local, and know-your-grower ideals. Lucky that beer is available far and wide. And lucky that we have the freedom to enjoy it in moderation with friends and loved ones.

A few apricot beers I’d suggest enjoying + foods:

1. Burnside Brewing’s Sweet Heat + fresh hot skinny fries. I rarely extol the virtues of fried food – this is absolutely the exception. Their brewpub in Portland, OR offers these delights and it’s like a beacon to me every time I’m in the neighborhood. Sweet heat utilizes apricots and peppers, with the subtle lush sweetness of the apricots melding in a lovely way with the zing of the peppers they use in the beer. I love this beer with Carne Asada as well since it can match the varietal flavors of that plate. The hot saltiness of the fresh fried skinny potatoes is enough to make you sing Opera.

apricots2. Pyramid’s Apricot + fresh chopped apricot & fruit salad with mint. This beer is an excellent one to introduce to people hesitant to try beers. It’s not sweet; it’s well balanced, soft on the palate, mild and inviting. It’s widely available and will pair nicely as well with fresh salads and goat cheese + grilled white fish.

Beer wants to be your summer companion. And fall and winter and spring…..Beers made with fruit are vastly different that they were even 10 years ago and have soooooo much to offer the modern drinker. Know that they are all unique unto themselves and give them all a fair chance to please you.

Cheers to beer, apricots and exploration! Till the next glass ~


If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a beer that has been well made with apricots, you know that the flavors are succulent and yummy.

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